Monday, 28 May 2012

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Road Safety

Thursday 24th May

I have been at Blue Hill school today spending time with the Children talking about Road Safety.

We were learning about when it is safe to cross and where it is safe to cross.  They were all very good listeners.

They now know to only cross the road at a pelican or zebra crossing providing it is safe. 

It is even better to use Mr Stopper the lollipop man who stands outside the school helping children cross the road safely.

Is there a lollipop person outside your school?

Jubilee Joy

Wednesday 23rd May

PC Katie and PC Naz have been really busy organising the Queens Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

All the People from Blue Hill will be having a big party in the High Street.  There will be lots of sandwiches, cakes and juice.  Barbeques, balloons, clowns and even a bouncy castle.  There is so much for them to organise and its all happening next week.

We are all very excited.

Olympic wonder

Tuesday 22nd May

We had some fantastic news here at Blue Hill station today! 

The Olympic torch is going to pass through Blue Hill town.

I wonder who is going to carry the torch through the High Street??  We may find out next week.

Hot! Hot! Hot!

Monday 21st May

Phew!  Its has been a very hot day in Blue Hill today.  I walked all around the park, High street and down by the river Blue. On the way back to the Police station I bought myself an ice cream from Mrs Jubbly the ice cream lady.
 It was that hot that it melted whilst I was walking and it went all over my uniform!  Sgt Peel was not very happy!

Monday, 7 May 2012

Noisy Alarm

Friday 4th May

The moon is full tonight and the sky is very dark and clear.  I can see all the stars in the sky! 
The alarm was going off at the school, it was very loud.  I used my torch to light the way whilst I searched the school.  I found out that the alarm was making all that noise because one of the teachers had left a window open.  I don’t think Mr Stern the head teacher was very pleased because I had to wake him up to switch it off.

Pesky Fox

Thursday 3rd May

I am very tired tonight.  I did not get much sleep today before working through the night again.  Nelson is okay though, he sleeps a lot, day or night! 
  That pesky fox that I saw last night has emptied one of the bins in the High street.  Rubbish has blown all over the street.  I spent most of the night picking up litter and chasing empty crisp packets!

Lonely Nights

Wednesday 2nd May

I am working through the night the next few nights.  It is very strange when there is nobody about.  Everybody is in bed asleep, except me and Nelson. Although, we did see a fox, a badger and a big friendly owl.

Mean Mikey

Tuesday 1st May

‘Mean Mikey’ was in the park today.  He was not letting the other children play on the swings or slide.  He was just being mean!  I took him home to speak to his parents.  He got told off by his Mum and Dad.  Let us hope he learns to share next time.  It does not hurt to be nice.

Out and about

Monday 30th April

I went for a long walk today.  PC Katie was with Siren, PC Naz was with Nelson and Sgt Peel spent the day at the station.  I walked up and down the High street and met lots of different people.  I was a very nice day.  I drank too much tea though!